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Illustration of a rooster standing on a fence crowing. In the background is a red barn, a grain silo and a windmill.
Illustration of a girl sitting behind a laptop. Quote: Humor can be used in education to support the acquisition of new knowledge.. Being exposed to humor can increase creativity. From Humor and Children's Development: A guide to Practical Applications. By Mary Frank and Paul E McGhee.
About Us

Utilize our creative team to take your educational project from start to finish. We offer a host of different services to the children's educational publishing and entertainment industry:

Here at DoodleDoo, we understand the importance of making educational content fun, engaging and easy to use. We pay special attention to instructional design and creating content that is pedagogically sound and age-appropriate. All our content is screened by Subject Matter Experts, elementary school teachers and child development professionals. Our scripts align to state and national learning standards.

One of the most important aspects that we address is how usable our interfaces are for children. We also believe that the best feedback comes from children themselves. During creative brainstorming and usability testing, children offer refreshing insights and new ideas that are invaluable to our process.