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Illustration of a rooster standing on a fence crowing. In the background is a red barn, a grain silo and a windmill.
Illustration of boy behind laptop. Quote: Children follow instructions, but they do so even more devotedly when they are instructed by an onscreen character. From Usability of Websites for Children: 70 Design Guidelines. By Shuli Gilutz and Jakob Nielsen


Welcome to DoodleDoo! We are an interactive learning company located in Austin, Texas. As a curriculum provider for early learners in the fields of Math and Science, we offer a series of uniquely designed 508 accessible products. Visit the products section of our website to learn more.

Here at DoodleDoo we also provide design, programming and consulting services to educational publishers and teachers. Our learning solutions are tailored specifically to children’s needs and are based on the latest research in children’s usability. Utilize our team of award-winning instructional designers, developers, children's illustrators and animators to create engaging online learning modules. Learn more about us and the services that we provide here.

DoodleDoo is a leading expert in the field of Flash accessibility. Flash games and websites can easily be made accessible with our Flash solutions, for children with a hearing, visual or mobility impairment. We make interactive games and activities that everyone is able to access. We also provide workshops, developer training and consulting services. Read more about our Flash accessibility solutions here.

DoodleDoo hosts the annual Early Bird Awards, recognizing excellence in accessible children's software. To nominate a Flash piece, or to view this year's nominees, visit our awards page.

You can read news and project updates on our blog. We also post Flash accessibility tips and other news there. Sign up for our montly newsletter, to stay up to date on the latest in Flash accessibility.

Please browse our portfolio for examples of our work, or contact us for a quote.