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CalWAC Classes- sign up now!

Sign up now to reserve your place at CalWAC – California Web Accessibility Conference coming to CSU Long Beach on January 12th 2009!

We will be teaching 3 different Flash accessibility classes. Read more about the class descriptions here.

Accessible Flash I: Quality Assurance
Learn how to evaluate Flash for accessibility. This lecture will go through a checklist of accessible Flash requirements and will discuss several different case studies of Flash evaluations. You will learn just enough about Flash to be able to test for accessibility and give recommendations for improvement.

Accessible Flash II: An Introduction
This workshop will cover all the necessary steps in making Flash content fully 508 compliant. Through hands-on practice you will learn how to program content in Flash so it can be read by a screen reader. You will also learn how to program keyboard shortcuts and make Flash content accessible through the keyboard alone.

Accessible Flash III: Applied Practices
In this workshop, you will get the chance to re-visit the exercises from the Accessible Flash II introduction course in more detail, and work on making a small Flash site accessible. You can attend this workshop if you are a novice, intermediate or advanced Flash developer.

Register now!

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