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TIP #1 | Take Movieclips out of Tab Order

When making Flash accessible, there are two things to consider: 1) The Reading Order. This is the order in which the screen reader reads the Flash content. 2) The Tab Order. This is the order in which a user would tab through the Flash movie by pressing the Tab key.

In Flash you use the tabIndex code to program both. You give tab Indeces to all elements in Flash, text, movieclips and buttons. When you use the screen reader, it will read all the elements in order. When you tab through the content, it will follow the same order. When tabbing, the yellow focusrect will come up around the items. It will not highlight text. BUT it does highlight movieclips that are just graphics. Because these are not buttons and/or selectable it does not make sense to tab to these.

TIP: Set the tabEnabled properties for graphics with Alt text to false. Example:
image1.tabIndex = 1;
image1.tabEnabled = false;

Finally, we are documenting all the answers to the FAQ on Flash Accessibility! To read all the tips, select ‘Flash Accessibility Tips’ on the side bar.

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