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Archive for March, 2008

Faithful 100%

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

Finally! After the Cat in the Hat and other abismal attempts, this movie is faithful to Dr Seuss 100%!

Not only is the CG excellent (all that squash and stretch- it might make a 3D fan out of me yet!) but the script is funny, well-paced and in between the regular dialogue stays true to the Seussian rhymes.

The animation was outstanding- the 3D stretched as close to 2D as it ever has. As Horton put it, ‘We’re in the middle of some amazing cosmic conversion’. And with that, I think 3D has finally made it.

Moore-Weis Animation

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

We finished a small opening animation for a video production by szia productions for the Moore- Weis Children’s Center of Austin.

We took their original pencil drawing, and converted it into a vector drawing that could be animated.

Stay tuned for the URL to the whole video!

NCC Middle School Site

Friday, March 7th, 2008

We have finished a series of games and other Flash pieces for the National City Middle School site (final URL to come soon!). In cooporation with Raining Popcorn Media, we worked on a few Flash pieces for the site. Here is a preview:

The main map to Bucksville, a fun town where kids can explore and visit the Bucksville Theatre, Mall and National City Bank to learn about money, spending and saving.

A few different games that can be played in Bucksville, each game represents a job and when played well, can earn you a paycheck!

With the money earned, and tied to a virtual bank account, items can be purchased to decorate a bedroom in a house in Bucksville. Snert developed the games, the art for the main map, the bedroom and the store items.

Thanks to Raining Popcorn for another fun project! Stay tuned for the site URL!

Little Men Animations

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

We recently finished an animation project commissioned by RED . The challenge was to set up different walk cycles for small little men. These cycles had to fit together, so that they could be assembled into one larger animation of the men walking around each other on a platform, and doing various things.

Since the men had no face, their fronts and backs were the same, it allowed us to re-purpose some of the animations. We set up the animation cycles as graphics, so they could be planned out easily and swapped out at the end of each cycle, to make a range of different sequences. We also included guides on the Flash stage, for easy reference as to which animation cycle to use for which directions. Some animations could be flipped on the stage to change directions:

We had fun animating and planning out these little men. We hope they will do well in their project!