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Archive for November, 2007

Horton is Here!

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

He’s finally here! I am now the proud owner of an original Dr. Seuss! A sketch of Horton that was done by Dr. Seuss for a fan, with the words “Who?” and Dr. Seuss’ signature underneath. I framed it with one of the images that is being pre-released of the animated Horton Hears a Who movie that is coming out in March 14, 2008 with Jim Carrey and Steve Carell:

Popcorn Fonts

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

For these games we are working on for a new kids site (more on this soon!) I had to look for a ‘popcorn’ font. I took a few old timey images and tried to match the fonts. These were the fonts that I came up with:

1. Curlz by Ascender Corp. I cut off the serifs at the bottom and slanted the letters. This is a good font for a movie theatre popcorn bag.

2. Saloon Girl by Fontmesa. I broke down each font, and gave each letter a fat 3pt outline with the ink bottle tool. Then I broke down those outlines and gave each of those the final outline. Great font for on a popcorn machine.

3. Salsbury by Larabie. This font was already made to look like the font on a popcorn bag, so no changes here.

4. Queen Rosie by Fontdiner. Another great font here would be zebrawood by Linotype.