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Archive for July, 2007

Reliant Action Game

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

The new action game we made for Reliant Energy, commissioned by Raining Popcorn Media, “Keep It Cool” is live! The game features our lamp hero, who flies through the house, turning things off or on, in order to preserve energy and keep the house cool.

The lamp flies on 3 different levels through the house, which can be controlled by the up and down arrow keys. Windows and doors have to be closed, toys and computers have to be turned off in order to save energy. Open electrical sockets have to be avoided, otherwise Lamps energy will run out, and he will have to re-charge.

This game was custom-made for Reliant energy, and stars their Lamp character from the Reliant energy TV commercials, that we have ‘vectorized’ into a 2D animated version. Visit the Reliant Energy kids site, and click on the Fan on the ceiling to play the game!

AIR Houston

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Snert has been asked by Knowbility to serve on the board of AIR Houston this year! The AIR events, (short for Accessibility Internet Rally) that were started by Knowbility in Austin, TX in 1998, is an accessible web design competition where teams from different companies come together and build an accessible website for a non-profit community member. Before the event, the teams are trained in different classes that cover accessible design via CSS and accessible Flash.

Besides having the honor to serving on the board, we will be holding the accessible Flash training for the team members and -hopefully- also competing in the AIR Austin event. Find out more on the event and how you can participate here:

Best in the SW

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

We have just registered for the Best in the SW conference, in Albuquerque New Mexico! Finally a conference that focuses on the art of Flash animation, not just motion graphics.

The conference is full of great speakers such as Flash animators Phil Nibbelink, Silvia Pompei and Chris Georgenes. There will be a premiere movie event for Romeo and Juliet, the first all Flash movie. The conference hosts pre-conference and post conference workshops as well. We signed up for a workshop on Character Development Disney style in Flash with Phil Nibbelink.

There are parties, events and excursions to animation studios and many more networking events. Go here to find out more about the conference: Feel free to use the promo code EATON to receive a $25 discount on your registration. I hope to see you there!