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Archive for November, 2006


Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Animation does not have to be digital, 2D or 3D. You can animate with a puppet in 4D as well! Even though you cannot achieve many of the animation effects that a digital animation could provide, a 4D animation will look and feel more real, when the characters are puppets.

Consider a puppet animation for your next children’s project! Children love to watch puppets, and they can be given lots of character. They can be used in a fully animated .avi movie, or be combined with a Flash presentation or game. Puppets can be great for children’s infomercials, or animated shows. One show that is currently very popular that involves puppets is “Johnny and the Sprites“, a series of musical shorts on the Disney Channel. The show stars the two characters, Ginger and Basil, created by the talented Michael Schupbach. It shows that puppets are still as endearing and entertaining as back in the muppet days.

This Snert Puppet (Snuppet) was based on the sock puppet pattern from Project Puppet. Many thanks to Pasha Romanowski for the great patterns! Check back soon as we try more patterns and designs!

New Client Area

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

We have re-vamped our client area, with some background colors and a better internal organization.

All deliverable files will be listed according to version. Next to each upload, is a short note, that explains what has been added to the version. At the bottom of the page, are the updates, which list what was uploaded and when. We also have a special section for the storyboards per project, and integrated our new digital corkboard for easy viewing.

Each client will be given a special log-in, and different passwords for each project. All correspondence will be made available on our client page, for an overview of the whole project, including administration. All word based documents, such as scripts, are now available in Flash paper format.