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Archive for September, 2006


Friday, September 1st, 2006

Snert has finished a project for Go9Media, for, making 5 Flash movies, representing the 5 different voting machines that are used in the state of Texas, interactive and 508 accessible!

We made sure to include the experience for the visually impaired user, when coming to the voting booth. For example, the eSlate voting machine, has brailled buttons and with headphones on, all the options are spoken out loud. Check them out on!


Friday, September 1st, 2006

Even though our production pipeline is now completely paper-less, for the people that want to start  out with traditional 2D animation, and are thinking about buying an animation disc, I want to mention the Port-a-Disc! Traditional animation discs can be expensive if bought new, and are also very heavy and bulky. You need an animation table to use it, with a built in lightbox.

But… the Port-a-Disc, for 1/4th of the price of a real animation disc, is made out of light, durable plastic, and is amazing! You can take it with you, draw with it in your lap or put it on a regular drawing table. Room lighting provides enough light through the middle, in order to give you view of 2-3 pieces of paper. Check it out at Lightfoot Ltd! The pencil holder you have to buy seperately but it sticks on with velcro.

Kids Testing

Friday, September 1st, 2006

Last week, a series of games that we have been working on together with Raining Popcorn Media, were tested out by a group of elementary school children. The games were tested on usability, and funability! All the kids loved the games and gave us great feedback on how to improve some of the components as well.

The project has animated characters, lots of games and educational activities. We can’t say anything about the project yet, except for that it will be loads of online fun!