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About Us

The 2009 Early Bird Awards.
Recognizing the best in accessible children's content.

DoodleDoo hosts the annual Early Bird Awards which recognize the best in accessible children’s interactive media content. It gives credit to those who have gone the extra mile in making their content 508 accessible for children with disabilities.

All entries have to adhere to the following criteria in order to be nominated:

All children’s interactive media content, like children’s websites, single games, online or CD-ROM software can be entered. The content will be tested on accessibility, and will either be nominated, if the content passes the accessibility testing, or will be sent a list of recommendations for improvement. After recommendations have been made, the content can be re-entered.

All nominations will be judged according to the following criteria:

All content will undergo a thorough evaluation by each judge. A final score is calculated based on the average score from all the judges.

There are no entry fees, and no trophy fees. Applications will be accepted until June 30 2009. Nominees will receive a digital logo package, as proof of their achievement, with the official Early Bird Nominee logo. Winners will be announced July 2009, and will be sent the Early Bird 2009 Trophy. Winners will be represented on our winners list.

Judges list to come soon!



For online content: send the URL and any other project specifications to

Send any copies of software to:

Att: EBA
3306 Knoll West Dr
Houston, TX 77082

Note: Make sure we can keep the copy you send us, or include a pre-paid return envelope.