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DoodleDoo works closely with members of the Adobe® Flash team on finding new and innovative ways to make Flash accessible to children with either a visual, hearing or mobility impairment.

Through on-going research and usability testing, we have come up with great solutions to make interactive Flash accessible, such as puzzles, coloring pages, wordfinds, apple catch, memory and adventure games. Browse our accessible Flash resources below, or read our blog for the latest news.



Adobe Accessibility Tutorial

Creating accessible sites in Flash
This presentation on best practices in accessible Flash design, is in itself also an example of accessible Flash. Produced by Knowbility, DoodleDoo wrote, and developed this presentation for Adobe.
Creating an accessible animated presentation
An Adobe Development Center article on the making of the presentation 'Creating accessible sites in Flash' (see above). Article was written for the Adobe Development Center.
Creating self-voicing puzzles in Flash
An Adobe Development Center tutorial on how to make a Flash jigsaw puzzle fully accessible for users with a visual and a mobility impairment.

Examples of Accessible Flash:

Census Quiz
Animated quiz for the Census in Schools children's site. This quiz can be played with a screen reader and by using the Tab and Enter keys. SetFocus() was used to re-set the focus to the first answer of each question.

Matching Game
This accessible matching game can be played with a screen reader and by using the Tab and Enter keys as well. It includes a welcome message with instructions for screen reader users and a sound guide for the sound effects.

Animated Flash Module for VOTEXAS, that shows users how to use the different voting machines in Texas. This Flash movie shows users how to use the iVotronic voting machine. The movie includes hidden text for screen reader users, that explains how to use the iVotronic if you are visually impaired, with Braille and headphones.


Developer Resources:
FARM 2.0
Wondering what guidelines to go by when making Flash accessible? Our FARM (Flash Accessibility Requirements and Methods) guidelines cover all of the WCAG 2.0, section 508 and Adobe's Best Practices for Accessible Flash Design guidelines. Use the checklist to make sure all requirements are met.

For details on the Flash Accessibility implementation on the Census in Schools quiz (see examples above), read the Census Quiz Case Study.

Read our Flash Accessibility Tips on our blog here.


Accessibility Services

We add FREE accessibility programming to all projects that are started with us. Need help making an already existing Flash game or website accessible? Call us for a quote at 1-888-42 DOODLE.

You've made a Flash piece accessible, but would like for us to evaluate and test it? We offer testing and evaluation services against section 508 guidelines where they apply to Flash and Adobe Best Practices for Accessible Flash Design. Once the Flash has been approved, you will receive the Doodle Doo seal of approval (see image below) with a link to the evaluation results on our site.

DoodleDoo seal of approval. The seal is round with the DoodleDoo rooster standing in it. Text reads 'DoodleDoo 508 approved'.

For evaluations on our own accessibility work, we refer to Knowbility.